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Negotiation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Exchange - Essay Example The elements of correspondence are another component that is significant inside the setting of the exchange procedure. Assistance of the trading of thoughts and conclusions between the arranging parties is one of the elements of correspondence in exchange. The elements of correspondence associate with different highlights, for example, the principles and the destinations of correspondence to impact the accomplishment of the objectives of the arrangement. Chronemics are a non-verbal component of correspondence that collaborates with the readiness and duty of the arranging gatherings to determine their contention. Chronemics envelop viewpoints, for example, timeliness and persistence that are critical to the effective consummation of each phase of the arranging procedure (Wood, 2008). At long last, aims are a significant element of correspondence that can influence the course and accomplishment of the exchange. Goal transactions with understanding on the grounds that most mediators accept that whatever their rival does or says is purposive and is intended to convey something. In that capacity, there is requirement for arbitrators to be completely mindful of their aims when saying or accomplishing something in each phase of the arranging procedure so as to abstain from being translated improperly (Wood, 2008). Nicholas Anderson’s post is a shrewd piece that presents very precise data on the methods of correspondence. The possibility that composed correspondence assists make with increasing the deficiency of verbal correspondence to come out as rough is right on the grounds that the individual conveying has more space to peruse and address what the individual has composed wrongly. His affirmation that verbal correspondence is the method of correspondence that numerous individuals know about is adequate. In any case, he disregards that it takes a lot of intrigue and consideration regarding get misery or satisfaction in a person’s voice since certain individuals don't declare these things expressly however just infer them. Anderson’s thought on

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Man vs. Society Free Essays

Society avoids, torments, and in some cases murders individuals just in light of their religion. We may not generally observe it or hear it, however it’s there. Strict mistreatment is all over the place. We will compose a custom paper test on Man versus Society or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now It is in our schools, it is in our administration, it is engrained in our general public. Normally individuals oppress and torment the individuals who dislike them, be them Muslim, Mormon, Hindu, or even Christian. Truly, even Christians are being oppressed. We in America hear â€Å"so regularly about Muslims [being] survivors of maltreatment in the West†(Ali). In any case, what we don’t understand that there is another war. A â€Å"unrecognized war†(Ali) occurring wherever from West Africa to the Middle East to South Asia and Oceania. A war on Christians. Christians are the most abused gathering in the contemporary world. â€Å"According to the World Evangelical Alliance, more than 200 million Christians in 60 nations are denied crucial human rights exclusively on account of their faith†(Persecution of Christians). In Egypt, Christians are constrained under severe standards that don't matter to mosques and different strict foundations. For instance, under Hamayouni Decree, Christians need to experience the government so as to assemble, or even fix their structures (Persecution of Christians). In addition to the fact that Egypt restricts Christians’ capacity to assemble and look after houses of worship, yet additionally their capacity to hold positions. Christians can't hold senior government positions, conciliatory positions, be in the military, or hold showing positions (Persecution of Christians). Likewise, the Egyptian government doesn't perceive transformations from Islam to Christianity, and since between confidence relationships in the nation are unlawful, changes over can't wed individuals conceived in Christian people group, and their kids get Islamic training (Persecution of Copts). After the â€Å"Arab Spring† development, there have been significantly more records of Christian abuse. Bedouin Spring is â€Å"a progressive influx of exhibits that has been occurring in the Arab world †¦ [that is] effectively ousting their harsh governments†(Cha-cha). The oust of the legislature of Libya, the common uprisings in Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen, and the significant fights in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, and Oman (Arab Spring) are permitting Islamic radicals to pick up force, and this is exceptionally troubling for some Christians. The Arab Spring development is likewise causing a Muslim â€Å"revival† of sorts, making them question their resistance of Christians so far. This restoration has caused various occurrences, for example, â€Å"church-burnings, assaults, mutilations, and murders†(Ali). Christians are being slaughtered in Islamic societies essentially in view of their religion. However this raises no alert. Here in the West we have no clue how severely our kindred Christians endure on account of Muslim nations. They continually live in dread that their homes will be scorched, their kids murdered, and them detained with no expectation of a reasonable preliminary. â€Å"From impiety laws to ruthless killings to bombings to mutilations and the consuming of blessed destinations, Christians in such a significant number of countries live in fear†(Ali). Christians and Muslims in Nigeria have been on the edge of common war for quite a long time. Another Islamic radical gathering called Boko Harem incites the vast majority of this activity. This association has expressed that â€Å"it will execute all Christians living in the country†(Ali). â€Å"In the long stretch of January 2012 alone, Boko Haram was liable for 54 deaths†(Ali). This is crazy! In the main month of this current year, a month with a simple 31 days, Boko Haram has just killed 54 individuals. That’s very nearly two individuals per day. Furthermore, this is just one gathering. In 2011, they murdered at any rate 510 and burned to the ground or annihilated in excess of 350 places of worship. This â€Å"Christophobia† that Africa is likewise found in Sudan, yet in a totally different structure. The Sudanese dictator government has â€Å"for decades tormented the Christian minorities in the south†(Ali). In Sudan, it isn't radical gatherings that are focusing on Christians, however the administration itself. It started in 2003, at the notorious annihilation at Darfur. From that point forward, the Muslim president, Omar al-Bashir, has been arraigned in the International Criminal Court in The Hauge of three tallies of destruction (Omar al-Bashir). Despite the fact that he conceded incomplete autonomy to south Sudan, the brutality has not finished. Christians in south Sudan are as yet dependent upon ethereal bombings, directed killings, and the abducting of kids (Ali). The UN reports that somewhere in the range of 53,000 and 75,000 blameless regular citizens have been dislodged from their homes (Ali). Not exclusively are African Christians enduring, yet additionally ones in the Middle East. Since 2003, in excess of 900 Iraqi Christians have been executed by terrorists’ activities and 70 houses of worship have been scorched in Baghdad alone. â€Å"Christians may vanish inside and out from Iraq† says the director of the U. S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (Muslim Persecution of Christians). In Iran, the legislature is making laws that make it unlawful to spread the Christian confidence to the remainder of the Iranians. They will likely â€Å"cleanse Iranian Christians†(Wahdat-Hagh), totally annihilating them from their nation. There is such a great amount of disdain from the Islamic culture that is coordinated towards Christians, and out of the blue. They torment and assault and damage and murder all Christians who are happy to support what they put stock in. What's more, what do we do? What does western human advancement do? We stand aside and permit it to occur. We deliberately ignore our siblings and sisters who are being tormented and killed for their convictions, and permit everything to go on. We know it’s occurring, yet for what reason do we stand aside? For what reason is America, the nation that was established on the principals of Christianity, the nation that was established with the end goal of break from strict oppression, standing aside and permitting individuals to be slaughtered? Is it true that we are so enveloped with things of this world, would we say we are so enveloped with economy and cash and oil that we stand aside and permit individuals to be fiercely slaughtered so we can keep our gas costs low and our kin safe? Regardless of whether we don’t all concur that Christians are correct aren't right, don’t we as a whole accept that human life is significant, and that it must be protected? We did battle with the Middle Eastern nations to battle this â€Å"War on Terror,† yet what did that achieve? Wellbeing for our own outskirts, and not even that to its fullest degree. It did nothing to help the a huge number of Christians living in dread all around the globe. So what would it be advisable for us to do? We the individuals, of the United States of America, must return to our foundations, return to the motivation behind why we came here in any case, and relinquish the entirety of our negligible contentions, with the goal that we can help the individuals who are the abused and the mistreated on account of their confidence. The most effective method to refer to Man versus Society, Papers

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High School Essays - Why is Writing High School Essays a Bitch?

High School Essays - Why is Writing High School Essays a Bitch?Writing high school essays are not a problem, if you know the right things to write about. You may wonder why this is not the case and what you should write. Read on to find out more about it.As an English major in school, I found that it was very hard to come up with high school essay topics that I am comfortable with. On one hand, I had a full time job to support my family, so I couldn't afford to take a lot of time off to write. I would have to choose topics that I knew I could easily write. When I started, I was in a fairly bad situation because I could only write about the topics that my classmates were writing about.It is difficult to find topics that other people have not written about. Even if you take a look at your classmates' essays and try to identify their personal issues, you will notice that they usually do not talk about things like the economy or politics. For that reason, it is good practice to identify a theme for your essays that you can relate to.However, while it is important to have a personal question or topic to focus on, it is still important to have a general topic for your essays. Themes are words that go around in your essay and they are descriptive. If you talk about your opinions on every topic, it will get boring fast.Since you cannot identify a topic on your own, you will need to let your teacher know what topics you are interested in. Most teachers will be willing to give you suggestions on topics, but make sure that you are comfortable with these topics. If you are not comfortable with the topic that you are given, it is wise to do some research on it and consider other options.Once you have a topic to write about, it is best to stick to that topic. If you start thinking about other topics, it is likely that you will have a hard time completing your essays. If you are feeling the pressure of finishing your essays on time, then you may want to consider writing about a different topic.Writing high school essays is easier than most people think. There are many tips that can help you along the way and they are easy to follow. The most important thing that you need to remember is that you should find a topic that you are comfortable with and then focus on it.These are just a few of the things that you can do to make writing high school essays easier. You can always use more tips and techniques to help you find a topic that is suitable for you.

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The Salem Witch Trials, The World Behind The Hysteria

The Salem Witch Trials From the time of the 1690’s the entirety of Salem, Massachusetts were Puritans. â€Å"The Puritan lifestyle was restrained and rigid: People were expected to work hard and repress their emotions or opinions. Individual differences were frowned upon.† (Salem Witch Trials, The World Behind the Hysteria). These people believed that doing anything sinful would result in punishment from God. Just as much as they believed in God, they also believed in the Devil. Keeping up with the Puritan code, it led to the first women being accused of witchcraft. They were viewed as pariahs, and seen differently. Had the Puritan government let the afflicted defend themselves, not be so dependent on religion, not investigating the facts or scrutinize the trials the killing of many could have been prevented. The hangings from the trials would ultimately be the last in America. Church was the foundation of life in New England. People in Massachusetts were Puritans colonists seeking freedom an d religious acceptance by leaving England. The Puritan lifestyle was self-controlled and firmly enforced. Since Puritans were expected to live by a resistant code; they believed that all sins committed should be punished and that God would punish sinful behavior. When someone went against their codes, Puritans saw it as God’s will to not help them. In keeping up with the Puritan code of obedience, the many women to be accused of witchcraft in Salem were seen as divergent and socialShow MoreRelatedThe Salem Witch Trials Of 16921281 Words   |  6 PagesThe Salem Witch Trials were a sequence of hearings, prosecutions, and hangings of people who were thought to be involved in witchcraft in Massachusetts. These trials occurred between February 1692 and May 1693(The Salem Witch Trials, 1692. ). The Trials resulted in the execution of twenty people, in fact, most of them were women. The first of the trials began in several towns in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, such as Sal em Village (currently known as Danvers), Salem Town, Ipswich, and Andover(SalemRead MoreEnglish Creative Task : Holly Lowe, Microelectronics, Antibiotics, Laser Technology, The Smartphone And Nuclear Weapons1140 Words   |  5 Pagesespecially as students who are studying technology or science. However, they something that Salem would not have experienced close to 300 years ago. These prodigious inventions are as a result of our technological and scientific advancements throughout the past few centuries. It is fascinating to take a look back at history to realise the significant impression that these inventions or advancements have had on our world today. Through the steady introduction of all of these things, our society graduallyRead MoreReasons Behind The Salem Witch Trials1568 Words   |  7 PagesHistory 1301- Dr.Frawley April 30, 1017 Reasons behind the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 The Salem Witch Trials were a series of trials in the 1690s which accused society members of practicing witchcraft, they took place in Salem, Massachusets. What caused this mass hysteria to occur? Some contributing factors could include some socio-economic reasons, an overbearing Puritan society and the influential sense that witchcraft was taking place all over the world. Massachusetts was settled by English puritansRead MoreHysteria Comparison of the Salem Witch Trials and the Holocaust1222 Words   |  5 PagesAndria Garza 11/30/12 English Final Draft Hysteria comparison of the Salem Witch Trials and the Holocaust During both the devastating Holocaust in the Germany and the tragic Salem Witch Trials in the small town of Salem, innocent people were brutally killed, causing hysteria among the people. Both groups of people endured hardships because of the hysteria that occurred among them. This hysteria caused people to react in ways that they would not usually act. Both of these events are very historicalRead MoreThe Trials Of The Salem Witch Trials891 Words   |  4 Pagesmurdered after trials found them guilty of acts of witchcraft. The series of hearings and prosecutions of the accused witches in colonial Massachusetts marks one of the nation s most notorious cases of mass hysteria. The reasons behind the trials and deaths are complex and multifaceted. Internal disputes, strict religious lifestyles, accusations from young children, witch hunting methods, spectral evidence, and even some medical theories all stand as causes of the Salem Witch Trials. Political, localRead MoreHow Does Fear and Hysteria Play a Significant Role in Creating and Driving the Conflict and the Chaotic Events That Take Place in Arthur Millers the Crucible?1450 Words   |  6 Pagesfear and hysteria play a significant role in creating and driving the conflict and the chaotic events that take place in Arthur Miller’s ‘ The Crucible’? Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil or pain, whether the threat is real or imagined.1 It causes feelings of dread and apprehension. Fear can lead to hysteria- a condition where community wide fear overwhelms logic and ends up justifying its own existence. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, fear and hysteria are the foundationRead MoreSalem Witch Trials Essay1478 Words   |  6 Pages1692 marked a major event in history in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. The Salem Witchcraft Trials still leaves this country with so many questions as to what happened in that small town. With all the documentation and accounts of the story, people are still wondering why 19 people died as a result of these trials. This paper will discuss the events leading up to the Salem Witch Trials and the events that took place during and after the trials, and the men and women who were killed or spent theRead MoreGender Roles, Stereotypes, And Expectations Essay1283 Words    |  6 Pagesdocuments from the Salem Witch Trials which took place in 1692. While the trials themselves are an important part of American history, the glimpse into that time period afforded by these surviving documents is invaluable. Gender roles and religious beliefs play a large role in the hysteria which spread across Puritan New England as it had in Europe for centuries before. Briefly the hysteria in around Salem occurred in January of 1692 when the daughter of Reverend Samuel Parris of Salem Village becameRead MoreThe Salem Witch Trials1202 Words   |  5 PagesThe Salem Witch Trials were a prime part of American history during the early 17th century. During this time, religion was the prime focus and way of life within colonies. This was especially true for the Puritan way of life. Puritans first came to America in hopes of practicing Christianity their own way, to the purest form. The Puritans were fundamentalists who believed every word transcribed in the Bible by God was to be followed exactly for what it was. The idea of the devil controlling a womanRead MoreThe Red Scare And The Salem Witch Trials1226 Words   |  5 PagesWho can you trust in a world filled with enemies and those who are ambitiously self-centered? That is a question many people faced in the seventeenth century; similarly another time period had the same thought: The Red Scare. Th e Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trials were both tragic events that turned everyone against each other based on weak testimonies. Many respected people lost their lives because of this abnormal widespread fear. To make it more alarming, once accused it was extremely difficult

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Analysis Of Christopher Columbus And Charles Lindbergh

Throughout the school year of 2015-2016 at the Founders Academy, I have wrote numerous essays, with generally positive results. Several of the essays exceeded expectations, while others reached expectations to a modest extent, but all of the essays were supported by the writing skills that I had learned that year, regardless of my strengths or weaknesses with these skills. These techniques vary extensively, from comparing and contrasting ideas in a text to editing and revising essays for quality results, which is proven in my writing portfolio. The first skill of note centers around the proofreading of essays, where an essay receives revisions, from the reconstruction of paragraphs to the replacement of disinteresting words with intriguing, more complicated vocabulary. My proof of mastery in this skill is in my essay on Christopher Columbus and Charles Lindbergh, in addition to my reflection on a project that I had worked on in my technology class, where I placed complex vocabulary into the essays with my portfolio draft. My strengths in the skill were that I paid close attention to detail, and added in excessively complex words to entice the reader. My major flaw, however, is that the process of replacing words is time-consuming, which gives me less time to focus on other issues in my essays, which were often longer than they needed to be. Fortunately, the constant expansion of essays doubles as a skill, especially when adding further information to short essays.

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Competitor Analysis of the Aston Martin-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about theb Competitor analysis of the Aston Martin by Hackett jacket. Answer: Steps in writing a marketing plan There are two main aspects in formulating a marketing plan firstly addressing the competitive and rivalry market place and secondly support and execution of the day to day operations of a business organization. Be it a small scale operation or large scale luxury brand the completion in the market is huge and there is constant pressure on the business to formulate and effectively implement strategies that are unique in order to outdo the competition in the market. In the process of planning marketing strategies it is important to not only come up with tactics but also to execute them in a fashion that will yield maximum performance for the brand. This requires a set methodology and organization procedure. Marketing plan should begin with an overall objective of the business enterprise. Every aspect in a marketing plan is important in order to effectively implement it. Marketing strategy on the basis of the objective of the organization can be broadly categorized in three phases a cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy and a focused strategy. According to the traditional concept there are 4Ps to a marketing mix namely: product, price, place and promotion. These four variables if implemented correctly give the maximum return to the company. Before starting production of the idea a company has it has to fix these aspects and work towards it (Huang Sarigll, 2014). SWOT Analysis This is the acronym for strength, weakness, opportunities and threat. This analysis is carried out for any business organization in order to understand and critically analyze the position of the company in the market. It provides a platform that helps the company to build the marketing plan on. Strength and weakness is the internal factors that can be controlled by the organization whereas the opportunity and threat are the external factors which are not under the control of the management of the organization. SWOT analyses for Aston Martin by Hackett fashion wear are as follows: Strength: The biggest strength of the collaboration is the names of the brand that are associated with the product. Both the company have goodwill among the end customers as well as in the industry for high quality performance and style. It is a luxury item and is bound to be pricy but the fact that they are form a renowned luxury brand only emphasises on the fact that the quality and the build of the products will be top notch and best quality. Style and design of the fashion wear form this collaboration is trendy and contemporary yet has a classic touch of elegance that men of taste prefer. The collection is limited edition which increases it exclusivity and value. Weakness: first and foremost the brand does not cater to everyone; it caters to the niche target market that is interested in investing in an expensive jacket. The price is extremely steep and the product availability is also low as it is only available in some exclusive stores. The products are available online but customers who will buy an expensive jacket would at least like to observe and feel the material before purchasing it online (Xiang et al., 2015). Opportunities: The people of Australia are fashion conscious and are constantly updating themselves with trends and style. The Australian market has a good opportunity as British Brands are associated with good reputation and a marker of class. As the company has means and monetary support to expand, the company should focus on expanding the distribution and availability of the item. Threat: fashion and automobile industry are a combination that has been collaborating for a long time Ducati and Lexus have their own lifestyle brands. Fiat has collaboration with Gucci which is one of the biggest threats to the collaboration. Ferrari also has a clothing line of the brand itself, which is also not as highly priced as the jacket from the Aston Martin and Hackettcollaboration. There is constant need of upgrade and continuous change in the preference in lifestyle and fashion among the people of Australia. This is a significant threat as the life cycle of fad items are short lived in the fashion industry or is quickly replaced by other companies. Another very evident threat to the luxury industry and the fashion industry is the availability of fake products which look and feel identical but is available at almost less than half the price of the original. This is not only for this particular item this is true to all luxury fashion goods the fake market is fooled with prod ucts which are total rip off of the original item Satit et al. 2012). Competitor Analysis Company name Hackett Reiss Moschino Lacoste USP Have a masculine classic approach to the style More on the casual and easy style Trendy, quirky, colorful design Is associated with integrity and class Pricing Premium Value based pricing Economy pricing Pricing for Market Penetration Premium Value based pricing Distribution Retail and online Retail and online Retail and online Retail and online Mission The brands that are associated with the fashion item both have its own different mission and vision statement. One is an automobile company that has a reputable history and is synonymous to fashion and style. Aston martin is a brand that is identified by anyone who is interested in automobiles. Aston Martin is luxury sport cars that have a classic and traditional edge to the trendy vibe of the design it is a perfect amalgamation. Whereas Hackett is a fashion brand that has been known for its classic taste and luxurious premium quality material. The relationship in between the two brands, Hacketts and Aston Martin stretches back many years. Developing the relation on the basis of strong foundation, the companies now offer the Aston Martin by Hackett collection that has a wide array of luxurious clothing that reflects the coming together of two stylish brands. The mission of the collaboration is to offer chic classy style to the customers reflecting the style of the car company along with the classic essence of the clothing line. The collaboration is set to offer sharp masculine cuts and shapes in mature and classic color variants (CAPSULE COLLECTION, 2017) Marketing objectives Marketing is a communication tool of a company with the stakeholders. It is used to promote products and services, announce new launches get feedback. Marketing also deals other aspects that are prevalent in the industry that affect the business operations. The three marketing objectives of the company are: To launch a new collaboration and product line To increase the brand loyalty and awareness To target new potential customers Financial objectives In simple words revenue and cost are the two aspects of finances of a company. For a company to run on a daily basis it needs working capital. For a luxury brand like Hackett and Aston Martin financial objective is much more than just day to day business of the organization: To maximize the value of the company To ensure optimum return on investment To increase the wealth of the company The above set objectives are for the first six month s of the product launch (Huang Sarigll, 2014). Marketing mix Product: the collaboration in between the two brands fulfils the quality, design and brand requirement for the winter wear. The product is made of premium quality material that is not only breathable but also chic and classy style. Price: The customer will purchase a limited edition fashion item keeping in mind that it will be on the pricy end. The product range has a range of price tags along with sale and discount offers on regular basis. Promotion: this is where the communication process takes place. For a collaboration that aims for the modern and fashionable men Social Media will be the best approach for marketing the item. Along with that public relation will be also given priority as customer satisfaction is the first as it is one of the most reliable methods to reach to the target market. Both audio visual advertising will be engaged in various medium. Digital marketing is the latest and one of the most effective forms of marketing that has been developed with the advancement of technology in the mobile devices and decreased rate of internet. Digital marketing deals with communication in between the company and the end customers. Digital marketing has made feedback process easy and smooth. Facebook: A Facebook page for promotional purposes is very essential in digital media; Facebook also allows advertising which is very effective as people of interest are the only ones who can view these ads. Feedback of the response in this entire social media platform is very smooth and effective. Instagram is now a part of Facebook and is very popular among the celebrities and the young adults who are the main target of the brand (Shahhosseini Ardahaey, 2011. Youtube: The Company can send PR packages to influential lifestyle youtubers so that they can talk about the good and bad about the collection to the followers. Twitter: twitter is a medium of communication and direct feedback hash tag campaigns can be implemented in order to create brand awareness and to check the response of the target market (Ryan, 2016). Place: the collection of the collaboration will be available in all exclusive Hackett retail stores in Australia as well as in the web store of the organisation (Belch et al., 2014 Implementation of the marketing Action plan In order to achieve the aforementioned marketing and financial objectives the company has to follow a plan of action. To launch a new collaboration and product line A press conference can be arranged in order to announce the new launch, the press coverage will give the collaboration recognition and will spread the awareness after the media has covered the event. Lifestyle Journalists can be requested to write about the collaboration and what are their expectations as well as the first impression by just looking at the collection. To increase the brand loyalty The loyal customers can be offered a special discount or special gift along with the purchase of the item. To target new potential customers As discussed earlier social media and digital marketing will be the focus of marketing in order to create new customer base. To maximize the value of the company As a luxury brand the company has to focus on creation of value to keep up the goodwill and the reputation of the company. The company can collaborate with renowned people to try the collection and photographs can be posted social media, this will enhance and add to the value of the brand. To ensure optimum return on investment The company can change the pricing strategy. To increase the wealth of the company Expansion in Australian market will ensure increase in wealth; it will also make the distribution of product easy and convenient for the potential customers (Huang Sarigll, 2014). Reference list: ASTON MARTIN BY HACKETT. (2017) Retrieved 2 October 2017, from Belch, George, Belch, Michael. (2014). The role of New and Traditional Media in the Rapidly Changing Marketing Communications Environment.International Journal of Strategic Innovative Marketing,International Journal of Strategic Innovative Marketing, 12/10/2114. CAPSULE COLLECTION. (2017) Retrieved 2 October 2017, from Huang, R., Sarigll, E. (2014). How brand awareness relates to market outcome, brand equity, and the marketing mix. InFashion Branding and Consumer Behaviors(pp. 113-132). Springer New York. Ryan, D. (2016).Understanding digital marketing: marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation. Kogan Page Publishers. Satit, R. P., Tat, H. H., Rasli, A., Chin, T. A., Sukati, I. (2012). The relationship between marketing mix and customer decision-making over travel agents: An empirical study.International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences,2(6), 522. Shahhosseini, A., Ardahaey, F. T. (2011). Marketing mix practices in the cultural industry.International Journal of Business and Management,6(8), 230. Xiang, F., Harrison, S., Nowak, M., Kimlin, M., Van Der Mei, I., Neale, R., . . . Lucas, R. (2015). Weekend personal ultraviolet radiation exposure in four cities in Australia: Influence of temperature, humidity and ambient ultraviolet radiation.Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. B, Biology,143, 74-81.